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Frequently asked questions

The following are questions & answers that we are asked regularly:

Q:What is Trendi Switch? A: We are a decorative electrical accessory that provides an alternative design to what is already available on the market.

Q: How do you fit them? A: Using our twin plate system, they front coloured plate is easily removable to give access to the screw holes for attaching to the current UK standard of back boxes.

Q: Can you advise which wire goes where? A: Unfortunately we are not allowed to give wiring advice over the phone/email/live chat. Please refer to the products instruction or if necessary, contact a qualified electrician.

Q: Do they require any special installation? Q: No, Trendi Switch product are designed to the same standards as other alternative products on the market. We just have a unique appearance.

Q: Are these "smart"? A: At this time we do not offer a smart switch option but please sign up to our newsletter for updates.

Q: Why do some of your products not require an earth? A: As Trendi Switch products are made of plastic which is non-conductive a selection of products do not require earthing. To learn more please see the product instruction leaflets.

Q: Can you dim lights? A: Yes, we offer a range of dimmers to work with you lighting setups. To learn more click here.

Q: Do you have USB charging? A: Yes, we offer a range of USB plug sockets that can charge smart devices such as phones, tablets& watches whilst allowing access to the UK standard 3 pin 13 amp plug sockets. To learn more click here.

Q: Can I use your products in a bathroom? A: No, our products are not IP rated for wet environments.

Q: Are the colours more expensive than the white products? A: No, the RRP does not change from colour to colour. To find out more please visit our where to buy page where you can contact your reseller of choice.

Q: Do you sell the plates separately? A: Yes, colour plates can be purchased separately for easy updates to your decor. To find out more please visit our where to buy page where you can contact your reseller of choice.

Q: Can I order directly from Trendi Switch? A: If you are a member of the public unfortunately not. Please visit our where to buy page to find your local reseller.

Q: I am in the trade. Can i order directly from you? A: Please complete our trade application form to find out eligibility.