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How Trendi can help your home interior design

How Trendi can help your home interior design

We beleive our range of electrical accessories is the perfect way to finish your home decor.

Our curved screwless plate and sleek chrome switch design has always been where we stand out against other brands & now we have over 20 colours now to choose from. From our #wedocolour campaign, we chose colours that compliment current paint trends. Such colour include Navy & plum to Coppers & brushed steel. 

If you visit our catalogue page you will be able to see a selection of colours that we suggest to match our switches & sockets to.

Our products also have integrated techologies to improve the convenience of your home such as USB charging ports located within our UK plug sockets for you to extend the usage of your smart phone, tablets or other USB chargable devices. 

Within our light switch ranges we also have LED compatible dimmers to either increase or decrease the levels of your ambient lighting for times when you have guests, wish to watch your TV or maybe if you choose to relax with a book.

To learn more visit our product page to see information to help you make informed decisions then why not check out our where to buy page to order yours.