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History of the Light Switch as researched by Trendi Switch

History of the Light Switch as researched by Trendi Switch

"We here at Trendi Switch have been wondering. Have you ever wondered, who invented the switch?

Doing the research, this wasn't the work of just 1 person. We have discovered that the first quick-break light switch was invented by gentleman named John Henry Holmes from Shieldfield district of Newcastle upon Tyne in 1884. His invention overcame the issue of a light switch's contacts arcing whenever the circuit was opened or closed.

After this in 1917, another gentleman by the name of William j. Newton invented the original version of the toggle light switch.

Now, every country has their preferred setup for the common light switch. This includes different shapes, sizes and even voltages. In the UK we work to the 10 Amp Switch on a 220-250 volt system.

What do you consider the correct on and off positions of your light switch?
Turns out, this isn't a set in stone answer. In the US and Canada, the on position of a switch is usually set to be up unlike in many other European countries including UK, we consider the down position correct.

Now the current light switch as we know it can be traised back to the 80s. This is when we used them just for the On-Off purpose. With technological advancements we can now adjust brightness of lamps.

Mechanical rockers are still the most used to date but newer options such as touch & motion switches are making their place in the market with ""Smart"" switches that can be controlled from your phones and tablets improving on this progression.

Our range is heading in the same route but as mentioned their will always be a place for the mechanical rocker so make sure you choose Trendi for this and make your home #definedbydesign

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