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ARCHIVE - Are you ready for zoning? If not we can help!

ARCHIVE - Are you ready for zoning? If not we can help!

PLEASE NOTE: Any offers mentioned in this blog have now ended.

This week Trendiswitch released a newsletter that covered the topic 'zoning'? Don't worry if this is the first time you have heard of the phrase as you may have already mastered the art without even knowing!

Before we cover the phrase in further depth we're excited to inform our readers that we are giving YOU free products, see more details at the bottom of this blog.

One phrase you will have heard of is 'HOME OFFICE' which many of you reading this will be sat in, the space created during the pandemic that hit so hard during 2021 but as we look towards 2022 what is the future of this space?<br><br>No matter what the answer is to the above, Trendiswitch will have just the solution and that is a PROMISE.

Bo Hellberg, CMO of String Furniture speaking in a Country Living article on Monday explained that many will keep this space equally practical and stylish".

Whilst uncertainty over pre pandemic work routines hang in the balance with home working proving so popular in many cases this predction is very likely to hold true. This therefore opens the door for Trendiswitch, a range of products that stay looking new being resistant against fading, scratches and light. Whilst ticking the sylish box too with a range of finishes and colours to suit any interior preference.

Another topic brought into conversation later in the article by Ben White, design and trade expert at Swyft was the idea that as a result on the pandemic we are compartmentalising areas in our homes as we look to move towards 'zoning' and creating areas for each area of our life.

This is where the Trendiswitch wide range of colours and finishes come into their own the most. Simply put one unit can hold the most vibrant Orange faceplate then transform into the most stylish Brushed Steel within seconds. Therefore the ability to separate areas into zones is endless whislt the freedom to pull one consistent look together for the whole house remains a possiblity with only the faceplate needing to be replaced.

As PROMISED you can recieve free Trendiswitch this Black Friday which we're just as excited as you're about!

We are giving you the opportunity to completely refresh your home this Black Friday for FREE! Choose From one of the following:

14* 2 Gang artistic modern glossy 13 amp switched tactile plug sockets in our ice white range or Silver with a combined RRP of  £161.00. 20* 1 Gang 1 Way Artistic Modern Glossy 10 Amp Rocker Tactile Light Switches in our ice white range, <strong>Silver or Black with a combined RRP of £101.00.

Simply place an order of a value over £200 and quote "EXPIRED" when you go to purchase to receive your FREE products.

Alternatively please fill in the 'contact us' page on our website referencing your purchase order and “EXPIRED”.

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